A gorgeous day is over and I am still overwhelmed by this awesome event. It was a great atmosphere because of all the kind people hanging out at the first SocialDevelopersClub Conference.

2 weeks ago, @binicodes sent me a message on Instagram and asked me to join the first meetup by SDC. So, why not? I looked around at their website and immediately, I was really excited about this event, which happened yesterday.

At the evening before the 16th March, I packed up all my stuff and thought I was well prepared. But that wasn’t the case, so 10 minutes before I got on my way, I ran through my room and searched for my memory card.

Finally, in the car, we drove through the rain of Hamburg and landed at the grey block, the old bunker that is placed in St. Pauli. The inside was much prettier than I expected it to be by looking at the outside, which leveled up the anticipation of mine.

In the beginning, I felt a bit insecure, but as I talked to @coding_rob and many other people - that are all listed below - this feeling was gone soon. Not long past this, Julia and Bini started with the introduction to this event and their ideas and future plans.

After that, @danielzeitler_ started with his first talk about Mindfulness in the digital age, which was awesome and lifted up the level of these talks. (He also recorded the talk for his podcast ”Tale of Mind”)

After a little break and a banana, the event continued to a very interesting discussion about how to become a developer and what the ways are, to do so.

Lunch break with time to connect and to get a delicious soup followed along. Had very nice and inspiring talks!

Over a full belly and a coke, the workshops started and I decided to join the one by @coder.rella on the topic how to designs digital product. We thought about building an app about a car service for autonomous cars to book and drive with. I really learned a lot.

Coffee break with coffee gossip led us to the last talk by @dimeloper_ about how to nail a coding interview as a developer. He said that it isn’t all about the skills, but about the personality and the good vibes. Because: everybody does not just want the best programmer, but also a cool colleague to work with.

The following applause was the beginning of the networking time and the time to meet all the amazing and inspiring people. Sadly, I hadn’t that much time to stay and went home soon. Nevertheless, I hope that I see anyone again soon to talk and connect. It was amazing, thanks for anybody for joining!

Special thanks to @binicodes, @juliah, @coding.miss.sophie, @coding_rob, @danielzeitler_, @dimeloper_, @planetmaike, @millywebdeveloper, @mkloeppner and @christian_ for these amazing hours and nice talks. I’m looking forward to the next event. ☺️