What’s up everybody? Great to see you hanging out over here! As the title already described very straightforward: I am back!

This is the very second post to this digital notebook, which I actually built using GoHugo. And I am speechless because it’s super simple to use and start creating a small and basic blog or website. I actually did mine following this tutorial. Super simple and easy to understand

With that being said, welcome back! It has been a while and I just want to give you a little overview what this blog will be about.

Since I’m a person who is more off the quiet tribe, most of the things happen inside my head and sometimes it is a great step to write them down and somewhat make them accessible for more people. So here we are!

This blog will contain shared thoughts about design, development, mindset, motivation and other random things popping up in my mind.

Again, I am glad you’re here and if you want to kinda stay updated on these posts, feel free to copy https://linuscodes.com/blog/index.xml into your favourite RSS Reader, such as Feedly ✌🏻

Xoxo, Linus