I am done with this sh * beep *! It is possible that I fall asleep while writing this post... A post about a day where I spent doing stuff for school. The fucking. Whole. Time. It's ridiculous! How is it possible that there is no free time left to do things I love because there are still some exercises left?

Also, why isn't it convertible to do consistent deadlines for the tasks? This would make the whole stuff a lot easier. Now, I want to invite you to have a look at my *trello* board, that I organize all my school stuff with:

Anyways, I don't want to get more upset about this...

What to read

I did not read anything for quite some time but when will be a better time for it than now? Here is my daily driver atm:

It is a great book so far, but I haven't finished it yet. Imma let you know when I did :D

Even if it was a short one again (that's what she said) I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Cheers, see you soon!

xoxo, Linus