The tycoons of social media have to stop pretending that they’re friendly nerd gods building a better world and admit they’re just tobacco farmers in T-shirts selling an addictive product to children. Because, let’s face it, checking your “likes” is the new smoking

I am trying to be more mindful about how I use my phone and how much time I spend on social media. The first leap I took was to de-clutter my phone and to delete all the unused and unnecessary apps to only keep those I can really profit from. My favourite and most helpful ones are collected in this post.

☑️ Sorted3: to-do app, simple ui, auto-schedule, calendar integration

🍊 Tangerine: journaling, habit and mood tracking, lovely ui

🖍 Highlighted: save and scan quotes from a book, add notes, organize by books and tags, export with ease

🌱 Forest: stay focusedd by planting trees, plant together with others, blocks your phone for specific time

Hopefully these apps help you improve your day-to-day life like they did with mine. Keep on building and keep going! It's all worth it 😊 have a great Tuesday!

BTW I stole that quote from the article "Digital Minimalism" by @countryside.coder which is absolutely worth a read!